Red Noses for Red Nose Day 2013

Client: Comic Relief



Children love Red Noses. They love them when there is just one design and they love them when there are collectible set of 3. But Comic Relief identified that Red Noses were only being used by children for Red Nose Day.

So they came to me, as a freelance designer, with a challenge: to design a set of noses that would be used far beyond just celebrating one day to mark their 25th Red Nose Day anniversary.



So I came up with Di-Noses, the first red noses with feet!

Being the first noses that could stand up on their own, it allowed children to use them as toy characters in addition to wearing them on their noses.



The noses contributed towards a record breaking 2013 Comic Relief campaign. The event raised £100,331,808 for Comic Relief!



My responsibilities 

  • Concept creation (solo)
  • Art direction (solo)
  • Product design (solo)


Completed whilst freelancing.