Client: Girlguiding



Every day girls are exposed to voices that tell them they are not equal to boys. 70% of girls aged 11 to 21 say that sexism has a negative impact on most areas of their lives.

Girlguiding is a great force for equality in the UK, but they were seen by many as outdated and irrelevant. To change perceptions and show the importance of what they do, we first had to place them at the heart of the equality debate.



#ForTheGirl. A bold and unexpected rallying cry to express Girlguiding’s core values to a modern audience.

We created a film to highlight the impact of everyday sexism on young girls. We showed young girls in everyday situations, but when they opened their mouths to speak, we'd hear the voices of well-known media personalities instead.



We partnered with UNILAD to ensure it received attention from men and women alike. For every misogynist’s response, there was an overwhelming reaction from supporters pointing out the good that Girlguiding does – stimulating debate and creating a wave of advocacy.

The #ForTheGirl film was viewed 1.6 million times, with 16,000 engagements on UNILAD. It not only sparked online debates about feminism, sexism and the work Girlguiding does, but 51% thought more positively about Girlguiding after seeing the campaign.



Watch the full video here ^


My responsibilities 

  • Concept creation (with one other Creative)
  • Art Direction (solo)
  • Design direction and design (solo)

Completed whilst at Livity.