Internet Citizens

Client: Google / YouTube


The challenge

The internet can entertain, inform and connect young people. It can give them a voice for good. But, thanks to echo chambers, hate speech and fake news it can also be a confusing, hostile and dangerous place to be.

YouTube wanted to help young people find a positive sense of belonging online, teach them to participate safely and responsibly, and empower them through the power of creativity.

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The idea

Internet Citizens: A national series of creative-led workshops that uses the power of video and the experience of creative leaders and YouTube creators, to help to promote a safer internet, encourage belonging and counter hate.


By the end of the workshop, young people have actionable tools and understanding to deal with specific topics including free speech versus hate speech, fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles.



The workshops are delivered by creatives Efe Ezekiel and Fusion alongside YouTube creator Nadir Nahdi, authentically connecting with young people from diverse backgrounds across the country.



700+ participants

13-18 years old

83% stating their behaviour online would change as a result of what they’d learnt at the workshop


^ Watch a snippet of some of the workshops in this video, filmed by our YouTube influencer, Nadir Nahdi, aka BENI.

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My responsibilities

  • Concept and content creation
    (with a small team of talented people)

  • Creative lead (with one other Creative)
  • Art direction (solo)
  • Design direction (solo)
  • Artworking (solo)

Completed whilst working at Livity.