Ministry of Sound Club artwork 

Client: Ministry of Sound – 2010/2011



Most people associate the Ministry of Sound brand with house music compilation CDs and their associated television adverts. However, Ministry of Sound Club and it's weekly events are different, and the creative work for their events needed to portray the raw nature of the venue, the experience and the people, whilst continually keeping creative work new and unexpected.


Studio Output, the creative agency assigned to Ministry of Sound Club at the time, assigned me as the solo designer to create all the work for Ministry of Sound Club's weekly and quarterly events.

I worked four days of the week within the MoS offices, within the same building as the Club and at the heart of it all, and I spent one day of the week at the Studio Output offices.



Each weekly event featured different iconic artists and DJs and needed to appropriately reflect the genres, styles and music to effectively promote the events to fans and clubbers.

Sometimes I was given several DJ images to use, and sometimes none at all. I had to create artwork with a very fast turnaround and several sign offs whilst pushing creative boundaries consistently and continually. 


My year at Studio Output and Ministry of Sound allowed me to flex my creative and craft muscles to the max, and were one of my most enjoyable, intense and fastest learning years of my career to date!



My artwork was used for over 50 Ministry of Sound Club events, reaching thousands of clubbers and are used beyond the event as posters (Some of my posters are framed in people's homes and offices!)



My roles on this project

  • Concepts (solo)
  • Art direction (solo)
  • Design, craft and artworking (solo)


Completed whilst at Studio Output.